Photography Mentoring And Training

About The Personal Mentoring And Training Program

As a professional photographer, I’ve spent the last few years teaching in workshops and engaging in various mentoring programs and seminars. However, Ive come to the realisation that most of these events don't give me the structure I really want in order to be able to give the participants in-depth insights into visual perception and creating stunning images. Also, everyone is different and therefore have different learning needs. This is why I’ve created this personal mentorship/training program. They allow enough time to develop honest and sincere communication, which creates the foundation for a healthy creative environment. As a photographer, this knowledge will transform the way you think about capturing images, as well as give you a deeper understanding of the refined art of photography. Treat yourself to a one-on-one learning experience which allows me time to get to know the whole person versus just a photographer. 

What You’ll Learn

This unique program is for those who are looking to advance their craft within six weeks. The program will start off with an extensive assessment of your needs and abilities. Following this, together we would design a comprehensive work-plan tailored to meet your goals. These may range from improving your portrait, fashion or wedding photography skills, to learning the intricate techniques of lighting, posing or photojournalism. It’s whatever you need all rolled into a professional level photography package. We’ll work together to help you develop your own style, improve your photography skills, and create an ongoing self-assessment program.


Two Mentorship Programs Are Available:

  • Virtual Mentorship

  • Advanced mentorship


Virtual Mentorship

You are fit for this program if you have a work schedule that doesn’t permit you time for traditional classes/meetings; or if you are a distant learner. Here, I will reveal some of the most effective photography solutions for various genres, as well as give you a better understanding of the processes involved in a variety of both client and product shoot. I will basically present my brain and years of experience for you to pick. Think online course, only more tailored to your specific needs and you get to have me as a friend.

The next virtual mentorship program start dates will be announced soon


What the Virtual Mentorship includes:

  • 6 units of course materials (+ bonus units)— lessons and HD video available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Units include:

  1. You and Your Equipment

  2. Capturing the Image

  3. Harnessing the Light

  4. Photographing People

  5. Broadening Your Subject Range

  6. Portfolio Development and the business of photography


  1. Introduction to Marketing and Branding

  2. Clients and Pricing

  • Weekly assignments to assess progress and highlight teaching points for 4(four) weeks.

  • Continuous supply of practical demonstrations and resources to aid your learning.

  • Full access to me via email, telephone and other online support systems. (You will have my personal contact information). I'll be there to help you improve, provide technical support and review your photos as you move through the course

  • Access to our student forum— an online community of like minded photographers and enthusiasts to discuss courses, get answers to your questions and share your photos


Advanced Mentorship

Are you already running a photography business or an advanced photographer wanting to push your ability to new professional horizons? I will tell you for free that mastering the art of photography includes different levels of skills development. This is an intimate program designed to offer you extensive insights into my photography techniques, while focusing wholeheartedly on making you a stronger and more confident photographer. We will spend over nearly 40 hours together shooting in the field, processing images, and continuing critiques. This really is a very exciting photography opportunity and I will make my home your home for 6 weeks! Trust me, it will definitely be worth it and it can be done at anytime!


What the Advanced Mentorship includes:

  • A free meet and greet consultation before signing up so that you have a chance to get to know me to ensure a good fit. (This is optional)

  • Approximately 40 hours of one on one learning and bonding time with me working towards the achievement of your individual goals. 3(three) hours each class. 2(Two)meetings a week for 4(Four) weeks

  • A flexible schedule to suit your availability.

  • Access to me via email, telephone, and in-person support throughout the 6-week time frame. (You will have my personal contact information)

To conclude our session and as a thank you, I will engage you in an ongoing portfolio review and support.  


Please use this form below to apply for the personal mentoring and training program.


Total Investment:

  • N275,000 for the Advanced Mentorship (subject to approval)

When your application is approved, we will send you payment details. 


Payment schedule:

Advanced Mentorship

First payment: 20% due at registration.

Second payment: 50% due one week before program begins.

Third payment: 30% due before our first meeting begins.


Cancellation Policy:  

If you need to cancel before meetings begin, we will refund all your payments with the exception of a 15% retainer.


Once your application is approved, we will be in touch.

If you have any questions, please email us at 


Thank you,

Obi Somto.

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When would you like to start your program? (Advanced)


You know, just the other day I was saying to someone; I don’t think Obi Somto realises that he single handedly inspired a lot of young people to fearlessly take up photography as a profession. I’m not sure I would have been a photographer today if it weren’t for you. I remember attending my first ever photography workshop simply because I saw your name and Kelechi Amadi Obi’s as facilitators. I had no clue what I was getting into. You made being a photographer look so cool and trendy. You inspired me bro, you set me on this path. I will not take it for granted. Bless!!!
— Aham Ibeleme, Aham Ibelem Photography, Lagos
I am a man of few words but for Obi Somto i can go on and on without stopping recounting the great moments we have shared. Obi Somto is honestly a gift from God to this generation to inspire, motivate and challenge towards a brighter tomorrow especially in the photography space. I met you some years ago and you left an indelible mark in my space with your passion for excellence and your desire to influence others for greatness. Obi Somto an exceptional gentle man who knows what he wants and would go for it no matter what it takes and the most amazing is that you are not just passionate for success for yourself alone but you drive to see how you can help others achieve theirs. Thanks for being a giver in all ramification, you don’t stop blowing our minds. We love you!
— Bayo Omoboriowo, Bayo Omoboriowo Photography, Lagos/Abuja
I met Somto in 2012 as one of the facilitators at the TFESS photography workshop. I had the privilege of interning with him right after the workshop and that served as a major foundation for my photography career.

My love for portrait photography started after watching and learning from Somto during the 1month internship. He has always been so eager to Teach, Guide, Challenge me to be a better photographer.

I’m happy to have Somto not only as someone whose work I highly respect in the photography industry but also as a friend.
— Yagazie, Gazmadu Photography, Lagos
Obi Somto! The first photographer I called when I considered picking up my camera as a profession. You made me believe that it’s possible ! Spending time with you shaped my thoughts and changed my career. I remember the day you called me to shoot a wedding with you in Abuja. Little did you know that you were molding me for what’s coming ahead. I was so happy for the opportunity yet scared that I might disappoint and get bashed because Somto doesn’t hold back his words ( He tells you as it is ) After the wedding we ended up at Charles house in Maitama and you asked for my media card, after I handed it to you, I went into prayers ..
That night you made a comment that gave me a lot of courage . You said “Manchie this your images ain’t bad o!... I will use some of them on my blog” OMG my heart was filled with joy because my images were going to end up on your blog and they did and you gave me credit too.
I remember the Photoshoot with Mamza beauty and Azizah at Charle’s backyard, you were shooting portraits of Azizah with natural light around 11am and you let me click away with you. You don’t even know the feeling to photograph along side Obi Somto. Somto I can go on and on but I will wait till the day I will celebrate you !

By far the biggest influence in my career.

Remember that walk on your street in Maryland when we discussed pricing and you told me what Uncle Kelechi Amadi told you when you confronted him with the same question. That walk changed my life brother and I will forever cherish it. I believe you influenced the new generation of photographers in Nigeria. Thank you Somto
— George Okoro, George Okoro Photography, Abuja
I’ve always been a fan of Obi’s work and I’m still very much a fan of his. I cant count how many times i spent on his Blog (before he even had his website). I’ll just seat there and wonder; how did he do that, why is his work so different from the rest, He’s even young, oh I wish I could meet him someday. So finally I got my wish. Obi organised a workshop in Abuja about 2-3years ago. I didn’t even care if he was going to be teaching french; I just wanted to meet OBI SOMTO and understand why His work was so unique. That turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my photography career till date. I learnt a lot of things from Obi, but the secret I took was light light light. light makes photography; without light you cant make a photograph. I’ll forever be grateful to this young man for his willingness to share his vast knowledge to me and a bunch of other people who attended the class. I don’t know of too many photographers who are professionals today that would say that Obi hasn’t inspired them in one or the other. so my advice to anyone thinking of being a part of Obi’s training program is simple. look where God has taken me to and I’m a proud product of Obi Somto’s workshop; trust me, I wont be the last person to say that. 
— Henry Nwaeze, Big H Studios, Abuja