Idara + Ini | Engagement Session

I've known Ini for over 15 years now, I cant find words to explain how I felt when he broke news of his engagement to Idara with me. I was filled with joy when he asked to tell their love story.

We had such elaborate plans for this engagement shoot, seeing as my friend Ini is a pilot airplanes and hangers were involved in the plaining. Cliche right? I know!

But on that faithful day, I said to Ini, lets drive down this street and see what we can find. We did and I couldn't have asked for a better canvas to tell Idara and Ini's story.   

Onyinye + Emeka | Engagement Session

I had the privilege of meeting and photographing Onyinye and Emeka earlier in the year in Lagos to celebrate their engagement. I spent the entire day with them and had the most amazing time. I don't know if you can tell from the images, Onyinye is the chilled and reserved one while Emeka is a total diva! lol (He'll probably kill me for this one).

My appreciation goes out to Onyinye Onwugbenu, Veronica Odeka and Genevieve Nnaji for their tremendous input to this shoot.

I hope you'll have as much fun viewing the images as I did creating them.

Nma + Afam | Guest Photographer

It was my cousin Nma's wedding and I was supposed to attend as a part of the family. However With my new found love for shooting weddings, I couldn’t restrain myself from attending as a photographer. 

I started out the day with Nma as I would, if I was 'on the job', photographed and socialised like I normally would. I got pictures for most part of the wedding except for the church ceremony which I pretty much missed. 

Shooting as a freelance photographer; I understood to an extent, what hired photographers go through dealing with freelance photographers and vice versa. In this case, I was one of the bad guys (Uncle freelance).

While trying to pose Nma for a few photographs, before she left for church I got carried away and got in the way of the hired photographer, and we had an altercation in the process. At that point I didn't feel like shooting anymore (which is why I missed the church ceremony if you ask me). I don't want to shoot any more weddings as a freelancer though; as I do not enjoy pissing off other photographers.

Thank you Nma and Afam for letting me intrude on your wedding. I also apologise to the photographer if you get to read this, I had no intention of interfering with your work. 

These are some of the photos I managed to steal, enjoy!

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Welcome To My Blog

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me and my work. I hope you take a few moments to go through my website, and my blog images as time goes on.

Growing up as child I have always been art inclined, I was very creative and I loved to mould, paint, craft and build. Most of my toys were handmade and nothing gave me more joy than to be left alone and get to building one thing or the other. When I got into secondary school I got distracted and lost touch with this part of me. I found my way back in the university, where I got involved with graphic design. I developed myself and got quite good at it.

My first real experience with photography was in my Final year at Babcock University, where I obtained a degree banking and finance. I bought my first DSLR camera to capture my last moments in school, and this was when I fell in love with photography. I was inseparable from my camera and I had to take a picture of everything, my background in arts and graphics design was a plus for me. I frequently uploaded pictures I took on facebook and got positive comments from viewers. At the time, I was taking pictures just for the fun of it but people started to ask if I took pictures professionally and that’s when I decided to take on photography as a career.

At the beginning of my career, I tried my hands on every aspect of photography from portraits to fashion photography and weddings. I was trying to find my feet and decide what I wanted to focus on. I found portraits and fashion photography to be quite challenging; the amount of effort put into achieving such flawless images was exacting and I strongly believed at the time that this would build my strengths as a photographer. I had shot weddings at this time and I didn’t give much thought to this genre of photography, because I didn’t see it as a challenge and I assumed anyone with a camera could take wedding pictures, so I didn't need to dedicate my passion to such generic work (I was wrong). That’s how I decided to stick with Portraits and Fashion photography.

In the short span of my career I have shot portraits of several dignitaries and celebrities; Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the top of the list and have been commissioned to shoot for MTN, Sprite and Deola Sagoe among others. It has been intense interesting and challenging. Portraits and fashion photography, is where I built my strengths as a photographer and always will be my first love.

Jide Alakija and me at a wedding shoot

Jide Alakija and me at a wedding shoot

Fast forward to 2013 my friend and mentor Jide Alakija, who is a foremost wedding photographer, told me I would be good at wedding photography with my talent as a portrait artist. I didn’t think much of this at the time. He later asked me to join him for a wedding shoot and I reluctantly agreed to work with him, it is safe to say I was in for a pleasant surprise.

It was an entirely different experience from the beginning of my career.

For me this was love at first attempt. Wedding photography is tasking and exciting when done the proper way, it’s entirely different from portraits and fashion photography. In that genre of photography, I start out with a preconceived plan in mind and I work towards achieving it, I don’t stop till I get what I want.

With weddings? I have no such privilege; I have to work with the tide of the day.

The Couple/family has trusted me to pass across their message of love and joy, and also capture the beginning of a new phase of their lives together, to capture the essence of the hidden moments most people don't see. I cannot predict what moments will show these emotions, I definitely cannot say for certain how the day will go, so I cannot make a plan, yet I MUST capture the most important moments and convey these messages. It is my responsibility as the photographer to keep sacred the beautiful memories of that day. Now if that’s not intense I don’t know what is. I have come to have a whole new appreciation for wedding photography, it’s been exciting and also refreshing. to make things even better, at weddings I get to dance and eat as much as I want. This is work I definitely look forward to.

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