My background is majorly in graphics design and fashion portrait photography, but over the years, I've become extremely passionate about photographing weddings. 

Growing up I used to paint, draw, mold clay and carve wood, art has pretty much been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I’ve always loved photography and I’m almost always missing in home made family photos, I’m usually the one behind the camera.

I didn’t get into photography up until 2008, it was my final year in school and I decided to buy my first DSLR camera to document as many beautiful faces as I could before graduation, I was going to miss them. I taught myself the basics and have enjoyed every step of the process up until this day.

Each wedding has a different story to tell, and as a lover of weddings, being creative while capturing special moments and creating memories is a dream come true to me. On your big day I'll ensure you feel comfortable and are having a great time, so that I can easily capture the love you share in a honest way.

I am a people's person, I love having great conversations, and making people laugh. Ohhh, and I’ll easily burst a few good dance moves throughout the day.

If you are feeling my vibe and you think we would make a good team, feel free to holla, It would be my pleasure to meet you.